Download the Manifesto

This manifesto has been produced by STAMP and is informed by real life experiences of young people that we’ve encountered throughout the lifespan of the Right Here Sheffield, as well as from interviews and focus groups STAMP has run with targeted groups of young people to ensure the manifesto is representative of young people from all walks of life.

  1. STAMP Out Stigma: Start talking about mental health and give young people the opportunity to talk about, and explore, mental health.
  2. Act now, tomorrow could be too late! The mental health system encourages people to “get worse before we can get better”. Help us early on so things don’t get so bad.
  3. Educate don’t discriminate: Schools hinder rather than help our mental health. Put mental health on the curriculum and train school staff around young people’s mental health so that we can be supported, not discriminated against or labeled.
  4. Abandoned at 16: “As soon as you are no longer a child services wash their hands of you” – there is no real service in place for 16-18 year olds. There should be.
  5. A voice and a choice! Young people’s participation is key – we are the experts in our own mental health and we have a right to be listened to and our views acted upon.
  6. By young people, for young people: There are a lack of services for young people over 16 that meet their needs – we need a service designed by young people for young people aged 16-25.
  7. Stuck in the mud: We are often passed from pillar to post – services need to work better together so we’re not stuck in the middle.
  8. We gotta fight for our rights: Getting help is hard, especially if we don’t know our rights. Tell us what they are and offer us advocates to support us.
  9. TREATment not HARASSment: “Current crisis support desperately needs improving”: Stop turning us away when we are in crisis or locking us up for being ill – support us instead!

For further information, or to request an ‘uncut’ version of ‘On the Edge: A young people’s mental health manifesto’, please contact STAMP: or Laura Abbott, Right Here Participation Coordinator:, Tel: 0114 234 8846.