There are an estimated 2000 young carers under the age of 16 living in Sheffield, however given that a large number of young carers remain ‘hidden from view’, in reality this number is likely to be significantly higher. VOYCE PG (Views of Young Carers Participation Group) is a group for young carers aged 10-25 who want to highlight the issues faced by themselves and other young carers, in order to influence change.

As part of VOYCE PG’s influencing work they have recently produced a poster and leaflet campaign, highlighting what it means to be a young carer, and what support they would like to see in place. The aims of the campaign are to raise awareness, and increase the identification, of young carers, reduce the stigma that can accompany being a young carer, and influence services to better meet the needs of young carers in Sheffield.

Check out VOYCE PG’s campaign materials here! Why not make your school or GP surgery more young carer friendly – order your free copy of these materials for display today! Contact .