As a small charity, Chilypep is always trying to find creative ways to raise much needed funds for our work. Money from contracts and grants is one way we generate income, but this is becoming more difficult in the current climate. We receive some money through donations from places like Sheffield University Student t RAG and others (see our supporters page!) We are working hard to market and promote our work, and find new ways of generating income, including charging for our services (to organisations, not young people!), and doing fundraising activities.  We have a fundraising sub group who recently organised a fundraising gig at Crookes Social Club. The Free Radicals and a young people’s band, Tandem performed to almost 300 people who came to support Chilypeps Domestic Abuse Project AVA!! Ticket and raffle sales, and the auction, which included a Hilton Hotel Weekend for 2 and a bottle of House of Commons Whisky donated by our Patron David Blunkett raised over £1900.00!!

We are always looking for new people to help us, so if you’ve got any ideas or would like to get involved, please get in touch!