Chilypep’s OASIS group stand up for mental health at Mayor’s Parade

Members of Chilypep’s Barnsley-based OASIS group campaign for better mental health services for young people.

Chilypep’s OASIS group, made up of Barnsley Young Commissioners aged 14-25, took part in the Mayor’s Parade in Barnsley while handing out mental health goodie bags.

The group are now now getting ready to hold an event called Be-You-tiful Minds, which will take place on Oct 10th, World Mental Health Day, at the Learning Lab at Barnsley Museums.

The event, taking place 1pm – 5pm, will bring together young people, parents and members of the community alongside Chilypep, TADS and other services.

Beth Godcliffe and Davina Sands, 22 and 21 respectively, are both part of OASIS.

Beth, of Staincross has been involved with the project for over a yea and Davina for over two years.

“It’s a great project and I think my favourite thing is working with others to see a positive outcome,” said Beth. “Who better to deliver service improvement than those who have been involved with the services?

Davina of Monk Bretton added: “For the event on World Mental Health Day we wanted to create a sort of interactive exhibition, on how we can focus on young people better. We are trying to change how people are going into services, so that is why we are working with a lot of services including the public health team.

“Mental health is such a taboo subject, but not talking about it isn’t doing anything and it doesn’t mean there aren’t issues there. It’s so important to let services know what they can do to help.”

On World Mental Health Day, members of OASIS are encouraging people to wear yellow, which links to Young Minds and its #HelloYellow campaign.

OASIS members meet each week at Horizon college in Barnsley.

Chantelle Parke, participation and mental health training co-ordinator for Chilypep said: “The young commissioners from OASIS are truly dedicated to making positive change in the support and services young people get for their mental health. I see their passion and dedication weekly, and how they always go above and beyond to make sure their voices are heard.”

For more information about the OASIS group, head to our project page.

Chilypep’s STAMP Group highly commended at Positive Practice in Mental Health Awards

STAMP Group young person Alex with the group’s Highly commended certificate

Chilypep’s Sheffield-based mental health action group STAMP have been Highly Commended at the Positive Practice in Mental Health Awards 2019.

The STAMP group, which is a participation group run by Chilypep, aims to engage young people meaningfully in improving mental health services for young people.

They received their commendation for their work to improve the experience of transitioning from the NHS’ Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) to Adult Mental Health Services. After listening to lived experiences of young people who had felt that their experience transitioning was difficult and stressful, the group has been working with CAMHS staff to ease the transition process.

The Positive Practice Mental Health Collaborative is a user led multi agency collaborative of seventy-five organisations, including  NHS Trusts, CCG’s, Police Forces, third sector providers, front line charities and service user groups.

The annual awards recognise national excellence in both children and young people’s mental health and adult mental health services.

Chilypep’s RUBIC Group celebrate two years of achievements

Chilypep’s RUBIC group came together in an evening of celebration of the achievements of those who have taken part in the project so far since it began in April 2017.

The project is a four-way partnership between Chilypep, MESH Mediation Sheffield, City of Sanctuary Sheffield and Who Is Your Neighbour.

The Rubic project takes a holistic approach to improving integration and easing tensions surrounding community cohesion in Sheffield using safe space community dialogues, awareness raising sessions, support groups and the Community Leaders programme.

The celebration event was an opportunity for people who have taken part in different aspects of the project to come together to meet one another, share their RUBIC experiences and learning and receive certificates for their achievements.

The evening was attended by over 40 people including participants from every aspect of the RUBIC project.

This included young people who had completed the Young Community Leader’s course for 2017/2018, adults who had completed the Community Mediator’s course for 2017/2018, a representative from the first school in the RUBIC area that had achieved ‘School of Sanctuary’ status through their work with City of Sanctuary and young people who had taken prat in Chilypep residential.

Young people who have been attending the ‘Happy Group’ which supports young asylum seekers and refugees throughout the year were also there representing the work the group has been doing.

The evening showcased a presentation written and performed by some of the RUBIC participants which, in their own words, gave a flavour of how their involvement with the project has impacted their lives.

There was also a presentation of ASDAN and achievement certificates by The Lord Mayor of Sheffield Magid Magid. His commitment to supporting both the refugee and asylum seeking community as well as young people made his presence at the event all the more meaningful and everyone there were delighted that he was able to offer his support.

The event was supported both by Shirecliffe Community Centre who provided refreshments and all the attendees were able to enjoy catering provided by Open Kitchen Social Club, a Sheffield based project which provides food and support for asylum seekers in the City and helps to sustain the project by catering for outside events.

Bethani, a Young Community Leader said ‘My favourite thing about the RUBIC project was meeting new people of a similar age. Also another thing was the people leading us were amazing. One of my most memorable sessions was when we had to work together to make a plant but instead we debated about politics!’

Tina, a Community Mediator in attendance ‘I enjoyed meeting new people, learning new skills and incorporating them into my previous experience. It has helped with my volunteer post (TARA) and I can now help with community cohesion.’

The RUBIC Project will run until 2020. For more information please head to

Barnsley Chronicle: An Oasis has been founded for youngsters

Chilypep’s OASIS group have been hailed Barnsley Young Champions 2019

A GROUP of young people have come together to spread awareness of mental health.

The Oasis group (Opening up awareness and influencing support) is made up of young people aged 14 to 21 who work alongside various mental health services in a bid to improve the support that is available for children and young people who require help.

The group, made up of 18 members, meets weekly at Horizon Community College and they are trained as young commissioners under the ‘Future In Mind’ local area transformation plan and work in Barnsley and at national level.

It is funded through the Barnsley Clinical Commissioning Group and led by Chilypep (Children and Young People’s Empowerment Project).

Oasis has participated in projects with Barnsley CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services), MindSpace and Barnsley Hospital women’s/maternity and Children’s departments.

It also campaigns to make things better for other young people in relation to key issues that are important to them around mental health.

The OASIS group at a stakeholder delivering their feedback

Its dedication for change and active role within the community, campaigning for better service provision for young people suffering with mental health has been recognised by Chantelle Carmen Parke, the participation and mental health training coordinator for the Children and Young People’s Empowerment Project, and she nominated them for a Young Champions award under the Young Team of the Year for Community category.

She said: “The young people in Oasis have their own lived experience of mental health, accessing services and support and have a passion for making change in mental health and they are truly an inspiration to work with.

“They have worked locally and nationally, working with the Royal College of Psychiatry to have young people’s voices heard within the implementation of the Mental Health Support teams in schools. They have also worked with NHS England to plan the Youth Summit Event around the NHS Long term plan in regards to children and young people’s mental health. Oasis work incredibly hard and they are passionate to make a positive change.

“For a lot of them they are speaking from experience which drives them to work and enforce what they do and it empowers them as well as helping their mental well-being.

“The group work incredibly hard and they deserve to be recognised for the difference they are making not just locally but nationally to help young people suffering with mental health.”

Mental Health Apps: What do young people think?

Mental Health apps are increasingly being used by young people as an extra form of support.

For young people struggling with mental health there’s a new form of support becoming widely available. Not a therapist in a doctors office or a traditional service, this type of support comes from their smart phone and can be reached anywhere there is an internet connection.

2018 has seen an increase in the number of apps available aimed at young people to help support their mental health and emotional wellbeing.

A rise in young people experiencing ill mental health along with severe cuts to services which would traditionally support them has lead to in increase in the number of apps available as well as the number of those downloading and using them. But are they a suitable substitute for traditional support? Which apps should young people use? Where can they find them?

Chilypep spoke to the young people we work with in Barnsley, aged between 15 and 19, to find out what young people really think about this digital support network and found mixed feelings and opinions.

“I think it’s good thatyoung people are turning to self-help methods. It’s easier to access support and self-help on phones and apps especially out of hours.” Said one young person.

Another young person commented “It’s good that we can get some help at anytime through the use of apps but it’s bad that we can’t get that help in person.”

When asked whether the young people found the apps personally helpful one young person said: “Sometimes but not when I’m at crisis point, you need to be calm enough to be rational and able to concentrate to use and understand the apps.” Another said: “I use them as they can give good advice but aren’t always helpful.”

The young people said that some of the most commonly used apps they has personal experience with were Alive, Safety Plan, WYSA, and Calm Harm.

Chilypep have been working with young people in Barnsley with funding from Barnsley Clinical Commissioning Group to develop resources for young people experiencing ill mental health.

This includes the groundbreaking Youth Mental Health First Aid Kit which launched in October 2017 and the Open Up Barnsley Directory or mental health services. This includes a guide to young people mental health friendly apps and websites. You can find the Open Up Barnsley Directory here.

Getting crafty with fundraising for Chilypep

Sarah Penn’s knitted tissue pockets raised £100 for Chilypep at the end of 2018

Happy new year from everyone at Chilypep! We want to kick off 2019 with some fantastic fundraising news. 

One of our  fantastic supporters has been getting creative with her fundraising for Chilypep and has made these sweet stitched tissue holders. 
After working her magic with her knitting needles Sarah Penn sold her adorable tissue holders and made an amazing £100 for Chilypep. 

Sarah said: “I got the idea to make the tissue pockets when I was thinking about ways to reduce the amount of plastic that I use. I always have a pack of tissues in my bag, but they are wrapped in plastic from a bigger plastic covered packet. I knit lots of socks and try to find ways to use the spare bits of  amazingly coloured yarn. Putting those two thoughts together seemed obvious, and I did some experimenting!”

Sarah sold the tissues at an event at the end of last year called Crafty Crawl which involves people in her community in York making craft items and selling them in their homes. 

Commenting on why Sarah chose to support Chilypep Sarah said:
“I wanted to support Chilypep particularly because life can be really difficult for children and young people, especially nowadays with so many pressures. I’ve heard about the way you work to help them develop a belief in themselves and skills which will benefit them throughout their lives. I think you also have greater impact because you help schools and other organisations to look at how they can listen to young people more effectively too.”

We love it when our friends and supporters get creative with their fundraising. If you want to find out how to fundraise, get involved or volunteer with us head to

Chilypep celebrates year of mental health training in Barnsley

Chilypep’s Barnsley Training Co-ordinator Chantelle Parke with the Youth Mental Health First Aid Kit.

As 2018 draws to a close Chilypep are celebrating a fantastic year of delivering mental health training in primary and secondary schools and the children and young people’s workforce across Barnsley.

Training Co-ordinator Chantelle Parke said:

“We’re dedicated to raising awareness and improving access to support for young people experiencing mental health problems and our training is a vital part of that commitment.  The data shows that after receiving training people feel more confident in providing support for those experiencing a mental health issues and crisis intervention skills. We hope that they take this knowledge forward into their every day lives. Together we can build a more mental health friendly society. ”

We’ve made a list, and checked it twice, and these are the official figures for our training since 2016.

Transitioning from secondary school to college: a young person’s story

Melissa’s personal story of transitioning from secondary school to college.

MDR Transition video

Change can be scary. One of the biggest changes young people face in their lives can be transitioning from one school to another, primary to secondary and secondary to college.

Young people need to feel supported and encouraged during these stressful transition periods in order for them to make the most of these opportunities for new experiences.

Our CHIL Peer Mentors in Barnsley College have been working on telling personal stories about transitions to let other young people know that they’re not alone and that many young people have the same fears and anxieties about transitions as they do.

In response CHIL Peer Mentor Melissa Jane put together this personal video about her transition from secondary school to college.  Commenting on why she made the video Melissa said: ” I wanted to share my experience because i thought it would help others my age and be relatable.” Click here to watch the Melissa’s Transition video

Chilypep win Voice and Influence award at VAS Make A Difference Awards

Chilypep young volunteers pose with their award at the ceremony.

Chilypep have been announced the winners of the Voice and Influence award at the VAS Make a Difference Awards.

The awards ceremony took place on Thursday 22nd December. The awards organisers, Voluntary Action Sheffield, say the ceremony is to showcase the work of dedicated organisations and individuals in the city who work to improve the lives of others.

The Voice and Influence Award, sponsored by the Business Improvement District (BID), recognises the importance of people’s engagement in local democracy and the vital role people play in giving others a voice to influence the city.

Chilypep Participation Project Worker Ellie Munday said:

“We are thrilled to have won the ‘Voice and Influence Award’, as this represents exactly what Chilypep is all about! The voices and views of young people influence everything that Chilypep does, and this award is a testament to all their amazing, creative ideas and hard work across all of our projects.”

Chilypep have been working with young people across the city to make sure their voices are heard around issues that are important to them.

Chilypep project member Beth Goodwin said:

“What a phenomenal achievement and great recognition for the hard work we do at Chilypep to change services for the better. Our voice and influence as young people really does make a difference and this has been showcased in winning the award. What a brilliant end to the year!”

Chilypep’s Sheffield-based Projects have been campaigning on improving mental health services for young people, healing community divisions and empowering women and girls. 

Chilypep’s purpose is to give young people in Sheffield and Barnsley the platform and the power to realise the potential of their own voices and have influence over decisions that affect them not only at a local level, but also nationally.

Chilypep staff and young people celebrate after their win.





Chilypep Shortlisted for Voice and Influence at VAS Make A Difference Awards

“Women’s rights are human rights.” – Chilypep have worked with young people to campaign on many issues that affect young people in the city including women’s and girls rights. 

Chilypep have been shortlisted for the Voice and Influence award at the prestigious Voluntary Action Sheffield Make A Difference Awards.

the ceremony will take place on the 22nd November and will honour the individuals and organisations working in the city do make a positive difference in the lives of the people of Sheffield.

The Voice and Influence Award, sponsored by the Business Improvement District (BID), recognises the importance of people’s engagement in local democracy and the vital role people play in giving others a voice to influence the city.

The award will go to the organisation or individual who have campaigned and supported people to have their say on issues that are most important to them.

Chilypep Managing Director Lesley Pollard said:

“We are absolutely thrilled to have been shortlisted for this award. We are particularly proud to have worked with such amazing young people over the years who have been so passionate about making a difference and getting their voices heard and have a real impact in so many ways both locally and nationally. This recognition of their work and that of our amazing staff is a real morale booster in these challenging times.”

The Awards will take place at the Octagon on the 22nd November.