Over the years we have had many students on placement with us, from 3 week work experience students from schools and colleges, to  1 year placements for University Students. We are always happy to talk to education and training providers about possible placements, so please contact us at info@chilypep.org.uk

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Statement from past student on placement with Chilypep

WEEK ONE EVALUATION AT CHILYPEP – Student on work experience placement

This week I was involved in a number of activities, from attending the STAMP sessions and taking part to attending the AVA session, to travelling to Doncaster to represent CHILYPEP. It has been very good for me to share my views and experiences and receive information and advice on my thoughts as I also listened to other peoples thoughts and views as well.

One main activity that I have enjoyed this week (week 1) has been travelling to Doncaster, as while I was there I was able to experience and look into a completely different life that the young people led to my own which was very insightful as some of the children at the youth hostel had been there from very young which is something I couldn’t even imagine happening to myself.

Some of the people, who were around me during this time more often than not, were there to help me and guide me though this experience (like Chantelle and Laura). After this first week I feel pleased that I was given the opportunity to do a variety of different things. I feel, now more aware of things I may have been unaware of before this week, and this week most of all has made me more ambitious to pursue a career in child psychotherapy.

The good aspects of my experience so far would include the variety of activities and tasks the team have set me because it allowed me to experience more than one area of CHILYPEP. I liked the calm and relaxed environment in the office and the fact that I have been so welcomed made me less nervous to go into my second week. This week has definitely impacted my decisions for my future career path in a positive way as it makes me more interested in the mental health and young people and the link between the two.

The bad aspects of my experience so far would include very little because it has been a very successful week but I guess on my part it is not good that I have been arriving slightly late this week, starting with Monday when I went to A and E but I will try and improve this for next week. I do find the early mornings hard as they are slightly different to school as I often rely on a lift but during my work experience I have had to gain independence which includes locating the workplace on my own on the bus which has resulted in me getting on the wrong bus twice and being late, but it was a good learning experience. I should aim to wake earlier for the second week so I am able to get an earlier bus and be more punctual to work, I can do this by leaning the house earlier, setting an alarm clock or getting a lift into work. I will put this into practice as of Monday by waking earlier.