Mission – Why we are here

Chilypep works with children and young people to make the most of opportunities to influence and improve their lives and communities through empowerment and participation in a challenging, fun and action packed way

Values – What we believe in

Value 1

We believe that to empower children and young people is to involve them in all stages of planning, development & making things happen and work well.

Value 2

We believe that children and young people should decide what’s important to them. Our job is to help them make choices and decide what they want to do about them.

Value 3

We believe that the way that we work with young people and children is just as important as the end results. This means making sure they are safe, protecting them if they are in danger, respecting them, treating them as equal partners, recognising and celebrating the differences between everyone, and helping them to be tolerant and supportive to each other.

Value 4

We believe that all children and young people have the right to be involved in decisions that affect them and that for some young people things are not equal or fair, so we need to make sure they are not left out.

Powers – What we can and will do

Power 1

Develop a plan that concentrates on empowering children and young people in the area they live by supporting them to have a voice about their needs, views & issues that will influence people that make decisions about changes in their area and things for children and young people.

Power 2

Make it easier for children and young people to take part in making decisions that affect them.

Power 3

Make sure that people who make decisions let children and young people help to make those decisions.
Find many different ways of helping children and young people to join in with improving the areas where they live. Help children and young people have a say in how services are run.

Power 4

Build children and young people’s skills so they can influence organisations which make decisions about the services that are relevant to them.

Power 5

Support other project and organisations to improve, plan and make changes to the ways that they work, making sure they have things in place to meet young people and children’s needs.

Power 6

Support children and young people to deliver training packages to decision makers & organisations that provide services that young people access.

Power 7

Increase the involvement of disadvantaged groups of children and young people in the area so that they can make use of relevant services and as a result be included in making decisions about things that affect them.

Power 8

Do research (find out what people think about things) and tell other people the useful things we’ve found out. Show people the importance of doing research as a way of working with young people.

Power 9

Provide information, training & support to voluntary and community organisations in the area we work.

Power 10

Publish and distribute information.
Equal Opportunities Policy Child Protection Policy