Participation training

Participation and Involvement Training for organisations

We believe that real participation, where children and young people can influence and be part of decision making, whether within individual service provider organisations, their communities and neighbourhoods, or at a political or strategic level, can only happen when adults truly understand what it means, and have a willingness and commitment to sharing power.

Our participation training supports organisations to explore the implications, barriers and benefits to children and young people’s participation. It provides a standards framework for them to develop a participation plan that allows them to build upon existing practice and increase participation levels at a realistic and manageable rate.

How it works

  • We train young people as Participation Trainers
  • They train adults
  • Young people and adults work together to develop participation plans and monitor progress.

­­­­What Children and Young People get

  • Accredited training
  • Personal and skill development
  • Confidence and self esteem
  • An understanding of how they can participate and influence decision making themselves
  • Positive experience of working with adults.
  • FUN!

What organisations get

  • A better understanding of the real benefits of participation
  • A way out of ‘consultation fatigue’
  • Clear standards and a tool for planning
  • Support to turn plans into action
  • Positive experience of working with young people.


  • Participation of children and young people is increased
  • Organisations are more responsive to the needs of children and young people
  • Resources are targeted and are more effective
  • Positive relationships between children, young people and organisations with a shared commitment to working together
  • Children and young people feel valued and listened to.

Other training

We offer a variety of training for organisations from one day courses and workshops to 15 week programmes including:

  • Introduction to Participative Youth Work
  • Equality and Diversity
  • Detached Youth Work
  • Introduction to Child Protection
  • Young People friendly consultation tools and techniques including questionnaire design
  • Involving Young People in Recruitment, Selection and Interviewing (interview design and interview skills)

Training is flexible and can be adapted to suit the needs of participants. For further information contact

Quality by Right- Organisational development in Good Practice

Over the last 3 years Chilypep have been working on an organisational development project to improve the quality of provision for children and young people. This quality standards framework is designed as an easy-to-use toolkit that makes achieving recognised quality standards for children and young people’s services accessible and manageable. By working through the Quality by Right self-assessment process we hope that you and your organisation can:

  • Better understand the good practice you have in place;
  • Plan how you can make improvements;
  • Evidence the quality of your work to young people and parents, external funders or grant bodies, and potential commissioners of your services.

We have developed Quality by Right through in-depth involvement with an extensive range of Third Sector Providers of Children and Young People’s Services in South Yorkshire. These have included an emotional wellbeing service for young people under 25, a charity working with and on behalf of children and young people at risk through running away; a young people’s weight management programme; a family development project; and a number of other providers of youth work. Feedback from those involved has told us 1) that they value, in particular, how the self-assessment process is “positively-framed” and makes the task of quality improvement manageable, efficient, effective and quicker 2) that Quality by Right is a good “house-keeping” tool for ensuring policies and procedures are maintained and kept up-to-date and 3) that Quality by Right has helped identify areas for improvement (e.g. for young people’s voice).

“It is a good way to look at the workings of your organisation and I feel it has helped us take a fresh look at some of our processes that may well have been neglected.”

“It’s a big task and there needs to be clear benefits to an organisation as to why they should put so much time and effort into this. I really valued the opportunity to reflect on what we were doing and identify strengths and limitations.”

“The framework will open up opportunities for smaller organisations and/or companies who lack in knowledge or ability in drafting policies and procedures to meet standards for working with children and young people.”

If you would like any consultancy support or training to help you work through the Quality by Right Standards, please contact: or call 0114 2348846

Young Commissioners

Involving young people strategically can seem difficult, but we have developed some models that might help you! Our Involving Young People in Commissioning Framework and model gives a clear structure for how young people can be involved in the 4 stages of commissioning. We have also developed a comprehensive training programme that gives young people the skills and confidence to be able to become Young Commissioners. If you would like to discuss how we could support you to develop a Young Commissioners Programme, please contact: or call 0114 2348846

We also have programmes and models to train young people as Young Evaluators, Inspectors and Assessors, in Peer Consultation and Research, and as Grant Giving Panels, all of which help young people to have a strategic impact and influence on the work of organisations and statutory bodies. If you would like to discuss how we could support you to develop any of these Programmes, please contact: or call 0114 2348846