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A film made by Young People from Chilypep’s AVA project, with help from young people from YWHP and Haven House’s Bouncing Back Group.

The AVA project is a National Pilot project aiming to improve the wellbeing of young people affected by violence and abuse and the services aimed at them.

The project has been set up in partnership with AVA, (Against Violence and Abuse) a national organisation dedicated to stopping violence against women and girls, and is being evaluated by Bedfordshire University. The AVA project is funded by The Big Lottery and is working in 4 areas of the country- South Yorkshire (Sheffield and Rotherham), Cambridgeshire, Newham and Sutton.

Chilypep are the lead organisation for South Yorkshire and are delivering Peer Education and campaigning training across the four sites in the UK.

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In South Yorkshire we are working in partnership with local organisations from Rotherham and Sheffield including The Young Womens Housing Project, Sheffield, Vida (formerly Sheffield Domestic Abuse Forum), Sheffield Futures, Rotherham Womens Refuge and Rotherham Integrated Youth Support Service, who already work with people affected by violence and abuse. Over the next two years we hope to spread the work across the South Yorkshire region and involve more organisations and young people, giving a stronger voice to young people in the area.

In each area across the country the project is setting up a Youth Educator Panel, involving young people aged 16 to 25, who want to improve services aimed at young people affected by violence, and influence other young people and adults, by making them more aware of the issues.

YWAVE LogoThe Youth Educator Panel is for young people who have experienced abuse and violence, or really care about the issue and want to improve things for young people affected by it. The Panel will do some training about violence and abuse and then some training about how to be a Youth Educator. All the training will be accredited and at the end of it the panel will have a plan, decided by the young people, of what they are going to do. This could include things like:

  • ‘inspecting’ local youth, health or social care services to see how they support young people affected by violence
  • Working with schools or colleges to help them understand the issues better
  • Working with services so that they respond better to young people who have experienced abuse.
  • Getting involved with local and national youth councils or parliaments
  • Carrying out peer led research
  • Delivering workshops or sessions to other young people to raise awareness about domestic abuse and how to help friends/family experiencing abuse
  • Helping to develop a website and social networking channels to connect all the youth panels;
  • Taking part in a national conference
  • Advocating at national level
  • Influencing government initiatives

Over the lifetime of the project there will be opportunities for young people from each panel to come together and share their learning, experience, ideas and campaigns, aiming to influence not only their local area but national policy and strategies.

If you would like to get involved, or would like further information about this work, please contact lesley.pollard@chilypep.org.uk

For more information about the work of AVA go to http://www.avaproject.org.uk