From 2006 to 20010 Chilypep was commissioned by Sheffield City Council to run the Youth Opportunity Fund Grant Panel, based on the success of our Community Chest Young People’s grant programme Kerching!! for the Southey and Owlerton Area Regeneration programme, which had been cited as Good Practice in the Government Guidelines to Local Authorities on how to set up and run the YOF Programme.

Over the four year programme we supported and trained two panels of young people who between them gave out over £2m in funding to young people’s groups and projects across the City. The comprehensive training programme equipped young people to understand and appreciate the complexities of making decisions about the allocation of resources and covered issues of justice, equity and fairness, as well as finance management and grant giving processes and procedures.

With our support young people managed the whole process, from setting criteria and priorities, designing the grant application and funding allocation processes, question setting and scoring applications, and monitoring and evaluating the projects and programme overall.
They organised celebration events where 300 young people and staff from 75 projects came and presented their projects, performed for each other, and celebrated their achievements.

The skills young people developed were life changing, and their confidence helped them to go on to set up the First Youth Council for Sheffield