STAMP-logoMental health is a part of us, not apart from us!

STAMP (Support, Think, Act, Motivate, Participate) is a group of young people aged 14-25 working to improve the mental health and emotional wellbeing of young people across the City. They do this by getting the message about mental health ‘out there’, through their STAMP Out Stigma campaign, challenging discrimination around mental health, and campaigning for change to make things better for other young people.


STAMP have been supported to identify their own issues, concerns and priorities around mental health. They also carry out regular consultations with other young people to give a clear mandate for the group to work to – this has led to the development of a young people’s mental health manifesto ‘On the Edge’ which forms the basis of STAMP’s current campaigns strategy.

We are always delighted to hear from young people about their own experiences so we can take these forward, so if you have something to say or are interested in joining STAMP please contact Laura, Participation Coordinator: or text/call 07966454451.

A trip down memory lane: Right Here Sheffield & the birth of ‘STAMP’!

Right_Here_Postcards_FinalBack in 2009 some young people Chilypep were working with did a big consultation with other young people and mental health came out as a priority issue for young people. Young people wanted to have a voice and influence around mental health to improve the experiences they, and other, young people were having relating to their mental health.

Chilypep formed a partnership with YMCA White Rose (and 7 other voluntary and statutory partners) and were successful in becoming one of four ‘Right Here’ pilot projects across the Country – Right Here Sheffield was born!

Right Here Sheffield aimed to address the mental health and wellbeing needs of young people aged 16-25, focusing on early intervention and tackling stigma. Participation was at the heart of Right Here Sheffield, and STAMP was formed as the youth panel that steered the project.

We learnt a great deal from Right Here Sheffield and made fantastic progress in the field of mental health in Sheffield – for more information please read our project booklet ‘On the Edge’.

STAMPing Out Stigma!

Dare_you_share‘Dare you Share?’

Tackling Stigma is a key focus of STAMP’s work and as such their campaign ‘STAMP Out Stigma’ has been central to a lot of their work. Through ‘STAMP Out Stigma’ the young people have raised awareness amongst other young people around mental health, designing their own anti-stigma materials in the process, and have carried out peer research around mental health and stigma.

A fantastic achievement of STAMPs was the creation of ‘Dare you Share?’ a board game that promotes discussions amongst young people around mental health. Based on a theme park to symbolise life’s ups and downs, young people work their way round rides such as ‘hall of mirrors’, ‘food court’, or stigma standpoints, where they can explore and discuss mental health in a creative and thought provoking way. This is a great resource when working with young people in youth or school settings.

If you would like to find out more, or to purchase a copy, please contact Laura, Participation Coordinator:

STAMPing Our Mark On Services

Lots of the young people we have spoken to have said that they have felt let down by mental health services; many have found themselves ‘stuck in the mud’, passed from pillar to post trying to find the support that’s right for them. Others have felt ‘On the Edge’, told they are too old for children’s services, but their ‘problems’ deemed ‘not serious enough’ for adult services – this has left them feeling in a state of limbo, and ultimately unable to access support.

STAMP have therefore been working closely with mental health services in the City to try to change this and to improve the support young people receive.

Are ‘You Welcome’? A CAMHS Participation experience!

stamp_11STAMP are working closely with CAMHS (Childrens and Adult Mental Health Services) to look at how the service can better meet the needs of children and young people.

They have worked very hard to implement ‘You’re Welcome’ standards into two of the Sheffield CAMHS teams at both Centenary House and Becton. The ‘You’re Welcome’ standards are a set of standards developed by the Department of Health to make services more young people friendly.

To carry out this piece of work STAMP recruited young people to act as Young Evaluators: Young people received interactive training around service evaluation, before breaking down the standards and coming up with their own methods to assess CAMHS. This included interviewing staff, children and young people, and parents and carers, ‘mental health orienteering’, site visits, and the collection and review of CAMHS information. Following the evaluation STAMP collated their findings into a report with key recommendations that they are now helping CAMHS to implement.

Children and Young People’s IAPT: Participation is a Priority for Sheffield CAMHS!

Sheffield has recently been successful in its application to become a children and young people’s IAPT site (CYP IAPT). The Children and Young People’s Improving Access to Psychological Therapies Project is an exciting programme working with existing Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) to:

  • improve access to CAMHS, and the partnership with children, young people, families, professional  and agencies
  • build capability to deliver positive and measurable outcomes for children, young people and families
  • increase choice of evidence based treatments available.

Chilypep and STAMP are working closely with Sheffield CAMHS to ensure that young people’s voices are central to this service transformation process. We are currently training staff across Sheffield CAMHS around participation, supporting CAMHS to implement the recommendations coming from the ‘You’re Welcome’ report, and helping to set up service user and parent and carer participation groups. This is a very exciting piece of work and a journey which we are really happy to be a part of!

Do mental health services have an I’APTitude for working with young people?

STAMP and Chilypep have worked with Sheffield IAPT (Improving Access to Psychological Therapies) to look at the experiences that young people have had in order to improve things for other young people accessing the service. IAPT aims to work with people aged 18-65, through using self-help, cognitive behaviour therapy and counselling.

IAPT were keen to improve the service they offer to 18-25 year olds, increase referrals and decrease what they call DNA’s (Do Not Attend). We worked closely with Sheffield Hallam University’s ‘User-centred Healthcare Design’ (UCHD), who have lots of experience using experience based design (EBD) to improve health services to do this piece of work.

Double_diamondWe used a ‘double diamond’ model, to delve into the experiences of a whole range of stakeholders and find out what the issues were for them, and ultimately how the service could be improved. This involved carrying out interviews with IAPT staff, youth workers, GP’s and other medical professionals, mental health experts, and of course children and young people! STAMP then broke down these experiences and worked with some fantastic drama lecturers and students to develop a piece of forum theatre to take us on a journey of one young person’s experience of using IAPT; their personal story, visiting their GP and being referred, and their first appointment with IAPT. We used this drama performance as an interactive way of engaging both professionals and young people in coming up with the solutions needed to make the service better.

The recommendations and solutions were made into a comic strip ‘IAPT Daily’ – you can view these as short films, and also check out our forum theatre pieces on Vimeo by clicking here. We now hope to work with IAPT to put some of these solutions into practice!

Health Ambassadors Programme

Chilypep and STAMP have received funding from the Mental Health Foundation, through the Foyer Federations ‘Healthy Conversations’ Programme, funded by the Big Lottery. This piece of work focuses on supporting 16-25 year olds who feel passionate about helping other young adults discuss and look after their mental health find fun and engaging ways to do this!

We have recruited ‘Health Ambassadors’ from STAMP who have been trained in facilitation skills, mental health awareness, and mental health session delivery and use these skills to run group conversations with young people in Foyers across the Country. This places young people’s voices at the centre of conversations around mental health and it is envisaged that as a result of this programme young people will have the understanding, opportunities and networks to improve the health and wellbeing of themselves, their peers and their communities.

For more information, or if you are interested in becoming a ‘Health Ambassador’, or are a Foyer wanting to book a ‘Healthy Conversation’, please contact Laura, Participation Coordinator:

We would like to say a massive thank you to our funders who make all this work possible!

  • Health and Social Care Volunteering Fund
  • Mental health Foundation
  • Big Lottery
  • Sheffield Children and Adolescent Mental health Services
  • University of Sheffield RAG fundraising society