Chilypep has developed a Peer Mentoring project and training programme based on our ‘Off the Record’  Big Lottery Funded project, which provided valuable learning and evidence of need for a much bigger project – Right Here Sheffield. This four year project developed new and creative ways of supporting young people’s mental health and emotional wellbeing. Chilypep were the Participation partner for the Right Here Sheffield project and developed the STAMP project from this.

How it works

  • We train young people for 15 weeks in communication skills, issue based skills, mentoring, counselling and mediation skills, and about the common issues young people face.
  • We recruit adults who can provide support to the Peer mentors and provide training to them
  • Young people mentor other young people providing information and support
  • Adult mentors support the Peer Mentors with regular monthly supervisions.

What Children and Young People get as mentors;

  • Accredited training
  • Personal and skill development
  • Confidence and self esteem
  • Recognition for their hard work and contribution
  • Knowledge and awareness of issues and where to signpost young people for extra support
  • Opportunity to participate in a positive way within their area
  • Opportunity to support other young people
  • New friendships and relationships
  • FUN!

What Children and Young People got as ‘mentees’;

  • Someone to talk to who listens, supports them and provides information about where to go if they need extra help
  • A friendly face who is on the same “wavelength”
  • Reliability and flexibility
  • A safe and confidential place (within Safeguarding Good Practice)

What adults get

  • A project to refer young people to who would benefit from extra support
  • Confidence that the mentors are equipped to deal with issues effectively
  •  As adult mentors – the opportunity to learn new skills as supervisors.


  • Peer Support is increased with young people feeling listened to and supported
  • Workers have a project to which they can signpost young people
  • A positive example of work in the community by young people for young people
  • Reduction in referrals to higher support services that can lead to stigmatisation, e.g. mental health services.


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