Through this 12 week training programme we aim to create influencers and local representatives to help influence issues in their communities and create cohesive stable communities. The leadership training programme is for enthusiastic young people, to develop skills, confidence and knowledge, to influence decision making systems, through active participation.

This programme is currently being piloted in partnership with Sheffield City Council, Ethnic Minority and Traveller Achievement Service, Sheffield Health and Social Care Trust, Community Development Team and Sheffield FURD.

What does this training cover?

  • Session 1: Getting Started
  • Session 2: Understanding Self & Others
  • Session 3: Decision Making & Problem Solving
  • Session 4: Communication
  • Session 5: Public Speaking & Debating
  • Session 6: Perceptions, Perspectives & Assumptions
  • Session 7: Citizenship
  • Session 8: Community Mappings
  • Session 9: How your City works – local & national pictures
  • Session 10: Research tools & techniques
  • Session 11: Campaign & Project Development
  • Session 12: Action Planning, Next Steps & Course Evaluation

This training programme can be adapted to meet the needs of the young people you wish to work with. For more information please contact Laura, Participation Coordinator: Email or phone 0114 234 8846.