Calm. Cool. And a carer.

Calm. Cool. And a carer.

Matthew, 17, Sheffield

Photo: Parkways estate, Sheffield

I care for my mum, who has a thyroid disorder, and my dad, who has dyspraxia and a hernia. Both of them have depression. They are separated and live at different ends of the city.

In my future I dream of a house. I want to be settled in a relationship, with a well-paid job. I’ll probably be caring for my parents.

I’d like the education system to be more supportive of young carers and what they experience. Like, a bit more time to do homework – but then other kids would start lying just to get extra time. But something needs to be in place. Once, I tried to ring my mum at school and the teacher took my phone and said: ‘you can talk to mum when you get home’. Or, I get detentions for being late – we should be allowed to be late if we’re caring. They don’t get it.

The young carers project and being a young carers in focus champion have made me more confident. I have calm vibes.


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  1. Matty

    Well done! I hope people you contact support young carers a bit more, you all do a fantastic job.
    I didn’t understand your teacher not allowing to contact home,what if it was an emergency?
    Last Friday I bumped into Charlotte and Wayne on the way to the Hallamshire Hospital nice to have a chat with them before i got some new batteries for my Mum’s hearing aid
    uncle pete

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