Caring is part of me. Always.

Becky, 18, Sheffield

Photo: Sheffield law courts, with photo of Becky’s mum

My mum had Addison’s Disease [a rare disorder of the adrenal glands], depression and a thyroid condition. She passed away on 28 November 2008. My little brother was nine when mum died.

Most people think of the practical things, but you need to think ‘emotional carer’. It’s not as obvious as the physical stuff but ninety per cent is emotional support, ten per cent is physical or practical. People have the opposite perception.

I still find it difficult to switch to ‘non-carer’, it’s difficult not to care. You have the experience of being a carer, then go through life picking people who you can care for.

Transitions from child to adult social services need to be looked at. They can be a violent shock. With child services it’s fun and easygoing, then suddenly when they turn 18 there’s paperwork and procedures, it’s not about you as a person.


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