Carers Week 2015

As Carers Week 2015 comes to an end, Chilypep would like to say a massive thank you and huge well done to all the young carers who have worked so hard to make this week a success! At the beginning of the week we were proud to launch our Fixers young carers film, highlighting the lived experiences of young carers and the issues they face. It was great to hear members of VOYCE PG on the radio, sharing their stories and campaign ideas, be able to launch our young carers manifesto, and publicly showcase VOYCE PG’s campaigns work to date.


As always Chilypep made time to celebrate the ahievements of the young people we work with, with young carers joining together on Tuesday to ‘Move to the Beat’, and celebrate through drumming and dance workshops organised by Sheffield Young Carers, one of our partners in the VOYCE project. We ended up Carers Week with smiles, fun and giggles at our Carers Week 2015 picnic, giving VOYCE PG the chance to celebrate all the work they have done in the run up to these events.


You can check out more about our Carers Week activities in our VOYCE PG Carers Week 2015 special editions newsletter here: Carers Week 2015 Newsletter.

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