Charlotte’s Chilypep Work Experience!

Chilypep was lucky enough to have Charlotte on work experience with us for a week over June. Charlotte fitted straight into the team, getting stuck into a whole range of activities. Here’s her blog about her work experience placement – thank you Charlotte it was great to have you with us!

16th June 2015

On my second day on work experience with CHILYPEP I had a tour around the building by Chantelle so that I was familiar with the office and so I knew where everything is. I was glad to be shown around so that for the rest of the week I knew where everything was. I can learn for the future that any new staff in a workplace should be shown where everything is so their job is a lot easier. This tells me that if workplaces don’t do this then staff may struggle which could be very difficult.

Also, Chantelle asked me to photocopy her some certificates for young people. I didn’t mind doing this job as when you knew how to work the photocopier it was simple! Chantelle keeps copies of certificates to ensure that they have them for future reference. This is a good idea as you can give an accurate number each year of the number of certificates given out. This links to when CHILYPEP have a report or all project every year, they are able to say this. Then, I had to sort the certificates out and place them into envelopes to be sent to young people.

I completed a reflection of my day yesterday. This was to show how my day went, what went well and how to improve. I think this benefited me by using a good technique for later in life when at university. However, at some parts I found it difficult but was overall useful. I can learn that in the future that is how a university student should write their work. I can put this into practice when I attend college in September and when I go to university.

On my work experience I had to read a folder full of different rights policies. This was so that I was aware of my rights and what actions I could take if I needed to whilst on my work experience placement. I thought this was boring but it had to be done. I can learn for the future that I should have the chance to read the policies. This tells me that if I wasn’t being treated well as a worker this means I am able to refer to my rights. In the future I will ask to look at the policies so I am aware.

17th June 2015

Lesley asked me to produce a report for her for the project. The report is so that she is able to see what’s been done over the past year and to receive funding for projects within CHILYPEP. Producing the report was difficult at first as I didn’t really know what to do but after I understood it was a lot easier. I thought it was useful as I was able to see for myself what had been taking place in the projects. I can learn for the future that different charities and organisations will all have to show what they have done to receive funding.

Also, Laura asked me to research campaigns around transport for young carers which was a priority for the VOYCE manifesto. This was because she wanted to get information about ways of campaigning and to see what other projects have done similarly or differently. I found it useful to see what campaigns there were for young carers around transport but at times it was difficult to find out some information. I can learn for the future about different ways of campaigning in general. This links to the Scottish Youth Parliament who have campaigned and in Kent where they use free bus passes.

18th June 2015

At CHILYPEP staff had a meeting about different projects. This was to see what’s happening in the next year for all their projects. At the meeting I just sat and listened as I didn’t really understand some of the things that were said. I can learn from the future that planning what to do is useful. This tells me that workers should plan what’s going to happen so they know for certain what they will focus on. Changes I could make are if next time I could challenge workers on their ideas to develop more of an understanding.

After, I attended the carers and young carers board meeting. They spoke about recent updates on the board and I wrote notes on what was said. The meeting happens so that they can make changes for adult carers and young carers and to see what’s going well and what isn’t. I found the meeting interesting and useful to attend. I can learn for the future that at meetings I should make notes and attend meetings to represent my workplace. This tells me that workers should give updates to others so that different organisations can work together.

Then, I helped out at the VOYCE session where I lead an activity where the group had to create their own flag which represented them. I facilitated the activity to see what a worker has to do and I attended the group to help and see as a worker what the group was like. I found the session fun and respected by young people. I can learn for the future what a worker does in a project. Changes I could make are helping the young people by walking around asking if they’re OK.

Thank you.

By – Charlotte Kershaw

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