STAMP Launch ‘My Mental Health Passport’

At a time when young people’s mental health and wellbeing is regularly top on the agenda, Chilypep, have designed a secure website to help young people track their mental health in their own words. 

The STAMP (Support, Think, Act, Motivate, Participate) group designed the digital mental health passport to help with transitions from service to service. These upheavals can often be difficult and challenging – especially when someone is living with a mental health problem.  Young people have said that meeting new people and having to repeat a sensitive story can be distressing – they loose track of who knows what, and what they’ve said.

Transitions is recognised as a big issue for young people and mental health services are constantly looking for ways to help young people navigate the complicated move from children to adult services. Sheffield CCG managed to secure a small pot of funding from NHS England to develop this website.

The ‘My Mental Health Passport’ website is a free space where young people can describe their experiences, preferences, emotions and feelings in a confidential environment. It’s been designed by young people for young people, so they can have more control over their information and their own stories. They’ve also added an emoji journal so young people can keep a track on mood or experiences between appointments to give a truer reflection of how they have been over the course of a week or a month.

When, where and how young people share their personal information in the passport is up to them- but it will hopefully help them manage difficult conversations with professionals.

The website also includes a ‘Help and Advice’ section, with a list of other websites that can offer help and advice, even if your not logged in.

We would appreciate your help in spreading the news about ‘My Mental Health Passport’ in whatever way you can. You can visit the website at

Chilypep’s OASIS group stand up for mental health at Mayor’s Parade

Members of Chilypep’s Barnsley-based OASIS group campaign for better mental health services for young people.

Chilypep’s OASIS group, made up of Barnsley Young Commissioners aged 14-25, took part in the Mayor’s Parade in Barnsley while handing out mental health goodie bags.

The group are now now getting ready to hold an event called Be-You-tiful Minds, which will take place on Oct 10th, World Mental Health Day, at the Learning Lab at Barnsley Museums.

The event, taking place 1pm – 5pm, will bring together young people, parents and members of the community alongside Chilypep, TADS and other services.

Beth Godcliffe and Davina Sands, 22 and 21 respectively, are both part of OASIS.

Beth, of Staincross has been involved with the project for over a yea and Davina for over two years.

“It’s a great project and I think my favourite thing is working with others to see a positive outcome,” said Beth. “Who better to deliver service improvement than those who have been involved with the services?

Davina of Monk Bretton added: “For the event on World Mental Health Day we wanted to create a sort of interactive exhibition, on how we can focus on young people better. We are trying to change how people are going into services, so that is why we are working with a lot of services including the public health team.

“Mental health is such a taboo subject, but not talking about it isn’t doing anything and it doesn’t mean there aren’t issues there. It’s so important to let services know what they can do to help.”

On World Mental Health Day, members of OASIS are encouraging people to wear yellow, which links to Young Minds and its #HelloYellow campaign.

OASIS members meet each week at Horizon college in Barnsley.

Chantelle Parke, participation and mental health training co-ordinator for Chilypep said: “The young commissioners from OASIS are truly dedicated to making positive change in the support and services young people get for their mental health. I see their passion and dedication weekly, and how they always go above and beyond to make sure their voices are heard.”

For more information about the OASIS group, head to our project page.