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Help us create a wellbeing HUB for children and young people in Barnsley by supporting Chilypep’s Crowdfunder!

The 0-25 Wellbeing Hub for Children and Young People in Barnsley will be a safe place for children and young people to access support, take part in therapeutic activities, meet other young people and find services that support their mental health and emotional wellbeing.

The Hub will operate out of the YMCA building, offering a central location for young people… what we need now is to work with young people and local communities to do the space up, decorate and make it the space for young people in Barnsley! That’s where we need YOU! Chilypep are hoping to raise some much needed cash to do the space up… think DIY SOS!

A bit more about what we hope the Hub will offer to children and young people…

The Hub will work with key services such as MindSpace, SPOC (Single point of contact), and CAMHS as well as other local services and young people and parent groups. 

The Hub will be will have flexible opening times to suit the needs of young people and will offer;

Information and drop in support

Advice and signposting

Self help strategies and interventions

Online support

Wellbeing Café

Social Enterprise 

Volunteer programmes

Youth-led activities, including voice and influence opportunities for young people around mental health

We will work with a steering group of young people to enable us to continually create new activities to engage young people and support their emotional wellbeing.

To find out more about Chilypep and Mindspace, two of the charities involved, please visit: and

Visit our Chilypep YouTube Chanel

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