Young people from Chilypep take on the arts!

Two members of Chilypep, Natnael (RUBIC Project) and Shuheb (STAMP Project) have been awarded roles at Chol Theatre’s Tall Shadows Creative Collective Programme.

Chol is a theatre and arts company based in Huddersfield and Sheffield with a mission to make theatre from real and imagined stories, and to bring live story-making experiences to people in their everyday communities.

Natnael will be undertaking the Young Producers internship for Chol Theatre’s Tall Shadows, an after-school and weekend creative club for 8-18 year olds, where young people come together to socialise, play, create and explore issues which affect them. Natnael will receive mentoring from the Chol team, lead and shape the programme, and support with running the club and bringing together the final artwork and event.

Natnael says:

“I am excited to work with people my age and learn more. I want to let the world know what refugees go through to get to safe countries. I want to help people like me, because I know what it is like to be in their situation. I am passionate about getting people’s stories told and heard, and make sure everyone is accepted wherever they go.”

Shuheb has been invited to become a Young Ambassador, a position which will see him have an influential role in the shaping and development of the Tall Shadow’s project.

Shuheb told us:

“The values of Chol also resonated in me of their “equal players” ethos as well as the level playing field between young people and adult professionals. At the launch event when I saw the glimpse performance by the young people on their migration lived stories, I was amazed. It made me think of the spectacular work that I’d be able to participate in when I start my role”

Hannah Crawford, General Manager at Chol, says:

“Everyone at Chol is thrilled at the brilliant group of young people who will be partnering with us in 2020. Our goal is always to uncover and tell as many stories as we can and we really can’t think of a better way to do this than by handing over the reins to our Young Producers and Ambassadors to lead this new programme. We’re excited and inspired by what we know they will create in our story clubs across the city of Sheffield.”

To check out Chol, visit their website:

For more information on the RUBIC and STAMP projects, please visit the project pages here: and here:

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