So far, we’ve raised an amazing £5,654!

The Barnsley Wellbeing Hub has been led by young people with lived experience of mental health, based on what they believe will be effective early help, creating a service that reaches out to isolated children, young people and their families.

The hub will be using innovative and collaborative methods, improving access to prevention, early intervention and mental health support.

The Barnsley Wellbeing hub model will combine youth work, social action, wellbeing resilience initiatives and evidenced based interventions to create something that is greater than the sum of its parts!

Research has shown that half of adult mental illness’ start by the age of 14, meaning prevention and early support is vital. Barnsley is currently the 39th most deprived Local Authority out of 326 places. Child poverty is significantly worse than the nation average.  Self-harm for 10 to 24-year olds is significantly worse (over 50% more) than the England average and is increasing*

We are working together with young people in Barnsley to change this experience for the better!

As a charity we want to raise as much funds as possible to make the young people’s ideas for the Well-being Hub become a reality.

So far, we’ve raised an amazing £5, 654 through the AVIVA Community Crowd fund, Barnsley Boost, Project 14 and many other local businesses and individuals! 

Thank you from everyone at Chilypep and the OASIS group for your kind donations!

Here are some of the positive comments we’ve received along the way

This is a great project that is having a brilliant impact on young people within Barnsley! Carry on the good work!

Chilypep deserves support with this amazing project!

Such a good cause and very needed for the young people in Barnsley.

Good luck, what a great group!

Such a great cause, fingers crossed you get lots of donations.

In the words of young people themselves, a glimpse of what we’re working together to try and create;

A COMFORTABLE well-being hub would have comfy chairs, bean bags, creative activities, and a welcoming environment. It should also have a good first impression, music, soft rooms be able to signpost and offer a range of services for those aged 0-25.

A SAFE wellbeing hub should have no cracks in the walls, lockers for bags/belongings, safeguarding policies and a building manager. It should be safe all the time, have security, warmth, and everyone worker should receive mental health first aid training.

An EMPOWERING wellbeing hub would have opportunities, post 16 choices/volunteering, a young person’s wellbeing hub board. It should have everyone working together, young people’s art and campaign work included in décor, and feedback forms and methods visible and accessible.

A YOUNG PERSON FRIENDLY wellbeing hub should have community involvement, a wide range of services for those aged 0-25 and for parents and carers. It should be accessible, have brail and gender-neutral options. It should be open at different hours to meet the needs of many. It should be open when young people can access it after school and weekends.

An AMAZING wellbeing hub should have young people’s involvement, opportunity for young people to strive, young person friendly staff and well managed.We hope you stay with us throughout our fundraising journey and we will be updating our progress again soon!

We hope you stay with us throughout our fundraising journey and we will be updating you with our progress soon!

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