Paint Pattern Decoration Guide

During March 2020, a time when physical social distancing measures are in place across the World and a time of uncertainty for many young people, young people from OASIS and Peer Mentors came together to help build the support around them.

Young people utilised the technologies to still stay social whilst physically distancing. 

Young people reached out through phone contact and social media platforms and other online networks to keep in contact with their peers, community and educational sources.

Young people presented qualities by using an array of self-help methods whilst providing peer support to their friendship and wider networks.

Here is just one of many examples to come, of how during this period young people are coming together to develop and share self-help guides and support.

Two Young Commissioners from OASIS have co-produced a creative guide which will also be added to the Youth Mental Health First Aid Kit. We hope you find this activity soothing and calming.

You can download the guide here


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