Inspirational and creative Young People

It’s April 2020 and social distancing measures are still in place, and the young people we work with are continuing to take part in weekly well-being activities and creative tasks online and in their home environment.

We asked young people to design a letter to help create a Chilypep Alphabet. Georgie – OASIS Young Commissioner, created a beautiful picture using the letter N, but the picture was also a game and told a story.

This is a game that other young people can take part in and maybe even encourage them to create their own.

Not only a letter,

the letter N,

Now here to help inspire creativity and distraction for others over this period.

We will also add this to the Chilypep/OASIS Youth Mental Health First Aid Kit.

You can download the Letter Guide here, created by Georgie Lee – OASIS Young Commissioner

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