Blog by OASIS Young Commissioner, Caitlin

Hi my name is Caitlin!

I’m 21 and I’m from Oasis group.

I’ve been doing different tasks which have been set during the COVID lockdown.

I’ve given feedback relating to bullying campaigns and helping contribute to the well-being hub e.g having input to the resources needed for the hub.

I’ve also made quizzes for the group which is a good distraction and definitely fun to do.

I really enjoy our group zoom sessions every week as it’s important to speak to people during this difficult time and it’s great to do our sessions over a video call.

We do different tasks and challenges every week. I love the quizzes especially in addition to the zoom calls.

I also really enjoy the online tasks and we get certificates and pin badges for taking part.

There’s many creative opportunities and also a good variety of opportunities to take part in.

I’ve taken part in a lot of the tasks as it’s keeping me going and I love getting involved. I’ve taken part in many but I liked the one where we had to make our name out of objects I made my name out of jigsaw puzzles!

Really fun tasks and I’m glad to be taking part.

Caitlin – OASIS Young Commissioner

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