The Youth Mental Health First Aid Kit and Young People’s lockdown routine planner

The Youth Mental Health First Aid Kit has been updated with more great guides and recommendations designed by young people over this period!

There is also a useful routine planner template with examples from young people we work with. This is a helpful template for young people to use and for professionals to share with young people they work with.

Youth Mental Health First Aid Kit

Young people’s lockdown routine planner template

Isolation Recommendations, by young people Chilypep work with…

Our landscape has changed in relation to COVID, however the young people we work with continue to inspire us and others and work alongside us to help share positive and creative self-help activities.

Young people Chilypep work with have put together a list of helpful recommendations in relation to isolation and as helpful distractions.

In light of #KindnessMatters and #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek we hope that sharing this can help many others but also show how kind the young people we work with are. By continuing to come together, supporting each other and sharing helpful tips and strategies is going along way to creating a kind and mental health friendly community.

The isolation recommendations will be added to our Youth Mental Health First Aid Kit but also to our first ever edition of the Chilypep Zine. (I’m sure we will have a fabulous title for this written by the creative young people we work with, so keep a look out…Coming soon).

Click on the link below to download the recommendations…

Cook Like a Chilypepper – Making Breadcakes with Lucy!

As part of #CookLikeAChilypepper Lucy, a member of our STAMP group, shows us how to make her scrumptious home made breadcakes! You can follow her recipe at 4pm on Facebook/ Instagram or check out the full recipe here…


500g strong white bread flour, 40g caster sugar, 40g Butter (softened), 7g of one sachet of yeast, 7g salt (about one tsp), 320ml cold water


1. To a large bowl add your flour and make a well in the middle, to one side of the bowl add the sugar and the salt, to the other side add the yeast. In the well add the softened butter and 3/4’s of the water.

2. Start mixing the ingredients with your fingers and gradually add more water until it you have picked up all the flour, you may not need all the water or you may need more then the recipe says – it depends on your flour. Your dough needs to be soft but not soggy.

3. Tip the contents of the bowl onto a lightly oiled surface and knead it for 5-10 minutes, to start with your dough will be wet and sticky but as you knead it will become smooth and silky. (Don’t worry, as you knead your hands will become less dough-y)

4. Roll your dough into a ball, place it in a clean bowl and put a clean damp tea towel over the top (ring all the water out). Put the bowl in a warm place to prove for one hour or until doubled in size.

5. Line two baking trays with grease proof paper and the lightly flour the surface you’ll be working on. Take the dough and lightly knead to knock all the air out. split the dough into 12, 70g portions, roll them all into balls and place them on the baking trays so there are 6 on each. Lightly oil some cling film and cover the dough. Leave in a warm place to sit for 30 minutes.

6. While the dough it sitting, preheat oven to gas mark 7/220 degrees C

7. Uncover the first tray of dough and place in the oven for 10-15 minutes, until risen and golden brown, when baked repeat with the second tray. Place your bread cakes on a cooling rack and then enjoy however you please!

Mental Health Manifesto – STAMP Call for Action!

STAMP (Support, Think, Act, Motivate, Participate) is Chilypep’s Sheffield based mental health influencing group. They are calling for your support in refreshing their mental health manifesto (call for action) to help them shape change in Sheffield around mental health for young people…

“We are from STAMP (Support, Think, Act, Motivate, Participate) a mental health action group, made up of young people aged 14-25 from all around Sheffield, who want to make the world a better place for young people.

We want to hear from young people in Sheffield and understand the key issues affecting young people around mental health.

This will help us put together our new refreshed manifesto for mental health, so we can share your priorities with key decision makers in the city and work with them to make this change.

Please share this link with young people you know and encourage them to complete our survey to help us understand what matters to them 😊

Complete their consultation today and be in with the chance to enter a prize draw to win a ‘Self-soothe box’ (if aged between 11 and 25 and have a Sheffield postcode).”

Week 4 of Chilypep’s online schedule- Practice a little kindness this mental health awareness week!

Mental health awareness week takes place this week, 18th-24th May 2020 and the theme is kindness. Kindness is one of Chilypep’s core values and this week we hope you’ll support us in flooding social media with acts of true kindness! We want to hear from you about when you’ve experienced true kindness, and we’ll be challenging you to be kind to yourself and others throughout the week!

We are now on week 4 of our social distancing schedule and all our activities are intrinsically linked to kindness so get involved and help spread a little love to yourself and others this week! (Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok to get involved!)…

Walking can connect us to nature and helps practice self-kindness through exercise, taking time out and grounding ourselves!
Nature and plants can be so healing! Be kind to the plants and they will be kind to us!
Fancy some self-care through creative activities? Art can be very therapeutic and is definitely an act of self-kindness… and you can create for others and practice a little kindness to others too!
Who doesn’t LOVE a petspam?! Pets and animals connect us to nature and kindness in so many ways – get involved! Share your pets, or just join us in celebrating and appreciating others 🙂
Be kind to your bodies and minds! Cooking is not only therapeutic, but we must nurture our bodies and minds to be kind to ourselves. Why not bake a treat for yourself, or for someone else this week?!
Music, poetry, writing, dancing… connects us all and give joy and celebration! Share your performances with us throughout the week and we will share them on Saturday to make people smile and bring a little kindness to people’s hearts!
And relax… self-care and relaxation is so important. It’s tough to do sometimes, but in being kind to ourselves we must try to take care of our bodies and minds. Join Amy in learning how to sleep well!

As well as our social distancing schedule activities we are asking you to share with us stories of how you have experienced kindness, kind acts you are doing for yourself, or for others (we will be sharing ours too!). Just send us your pictures and stories or use #ChilypepChallenge and we will share them to our social media!

If you do one thing this week, practice kindness!
Want to take part?! Send us your pics and stories throughout the week!

You can find out more about mental health awareness week and the theme of kindness here:

Mental Health Awareness Week will take place from 18-24 May 2020 on the topic of kindness.



Kindness could change someone’s whole day, their week, their lives. Kindness should be within everyone of us. We can all work together to create more kindness within our schools, working environments, and communities. Let’s shape our outlook and our society in support of positive mental health and start with a single act of kindness today!

Chilypep are in full support of the Mental Health Foundations campaign for Mental Health awareness week, so let’s get talking about kindness and mental health throughout the week.

Find out more about the Mental Health Foundations Kindness campaign for Mental Health Awareness week and follow them on their social media platforms.

Chilypep will be sharing many true acts of kindness others have done for us throughout the week across our Chilypep social media platforms!

Here are a few true acts of kindness that others have done for some of the Chilypep team ….

How do we change the world?

Start today with one random act of kindness at a time

Share your acts of Kindness with Chilypep and use the hashtags to link to the Mental Health Foundations kindness campaign.



Facebook: @mentalhealthfoundation

Twitter: @mentalhealth

Instagram: @mentalhealthfoundation

Plant Tour Tuesdays… Dandelion ‘honey’!

As part of Chilypeppers ‘social distancing schedule’ we are taking you on a plant tour this Tuesday exploring herbs and plants you can forage and cook with! Check out our facebook and Instagram for videos, recipes and more!

Lovely field of dandelions!

Dandelions are one of the things I love most about spring! They are so bright and beautiful, despite some people thinking of them as a weed or a pest! They in fact have so many medicinal benefits and are great for homemade teas, or (as I have only very recently discovered) making dandelion honey.

Dandelions are pretty easy to find, but always best to pick them in areas where they haven’t been weed on by dogs, and to pick from a range of places. Only take what you need as the bees and bugs love these so need to leave plenty for them!

When picking them you’ll just need the yellow heads. You need to be really careful to gently blow out any bugs in them so they don’t get harmed in the making of the ‘honey’.

Flowering dandelions are often surrounded by ‘clocks’, the beautiful seed heads that the plant turns into once it’s flowered. People may remember ‘telling the time’ as a child by blowing the seeds, or blowing them and seeing faeries fly past! My daughter loves blowing these and it’s a great way to replant whilst you’re out picking some!

Blow the clock to see the faeries fly!


2 cups fresh dandelion heads
2 slices of lemon
1.5 cups water
1.5 cups sugar


Shake or blow the flowers to remove any bugs
Place the water, lemon slices and dandelion flowers in a saucepan. Simmer with a lid on for 15 minutes and leave this to cool and infuse overnight.

The next day, strain out the flowers and lemon by pouring the liquid through a strainer or muslin cloth. Press down to make sure you get all of that dandelion juice out!

Weigh the liquid, and then weigh out the same amount of sugar. Put the liquid back in the pan and add the sugar. Stir and heat gently at first until the sugar is dissolved. Then bring it up to a gentle boil for approximately 15 minutes.

Pour into clean sterilised jars and put the lids on while it’s still hot. Enjoy!

Plant Tour Tuesdays… Oregano, tomato and red pepper soup!

As part of Chilypeppers ‘social distancing schedule’ we are taking you on a plant tour this Tuesday exploring herbs and plants you can forage and cook with! Check out our facebook and Instagram for videos, recipes and more!

Having a small side patio to my house as opposed to a garden I can’t really grow much, but do have a few herbs growing, including oregano. Fresh oregano adds such a lovely vibrant flavour to many dishes and is so easy to look after.

We decided to use some to make a soup!

Ingredients (serves 3 people)
6 large tomatoes
1 red pepper
Olive oil
Fresh oregano

Cut tomatoes into four and place in an oven dish. Slice pepper into thick strips and place into dish. Add some whole garlic cloves (still in their skin). We used half a bulb as like things very garlicky but you can use less, more or none even! Pour on a generous amount of olive oil and some salt and pepper to season and put in the oven at 180-200°C and roast for 30 mins. Check on the veg and when you feel it’s nearly done pop some roughly chopped oregano in with it to lightly roast (should only need 5-10 mins!)

When the tomatoes, pepper and garlic are nicely roasted (but not burnt!) take them out of the oven and leave to cool. Take the garlic out of its skin. Put the tomatoes, red pepper and garlic into a blender and blend up with boiling water to the consistency that you’d like the soup to be. Put in a pan to heat it back up and season as you like!

Plant tour Tuesdays… Hedge garlic pesto!

As part of Chilypeppers ‘social distancing schedule’ we are taking you on a plant tour this Tuesday exploring herbs and plants you can forage and cook with! Check out our facebook and Instagram for videos, recipes and more!

Jack by the hedge/ hedge garlic pesto

This plant is everywhere on our walks at the moment! Often referred to as ‘hedge garlic’ or ‘jack by the hedge’ you can easily spot it within hedgerows, woodlands, shady spots and pathways.

There’s tons you can use this garlic flavoured plant for; from using the leaves in salads, to drawing out the garlic infused flavour for sauces and making your own hedge garlic pesto.

When picking wild herbs and plants make sure you know what you are picking. Hedge garlic is usually quite easy to spot. I’d avoid the hedge garlic growing by the road or path edges due to possibly having been weed on by dogs (such as ours!). Instead look for hedge garlic in areas that might not have been as ventured into, such as that up high or off the path.

For cooking with they do say hedge garlic is better before it gets its white flowers, as once it flowers it can turn a bit more bitter. Picking it at this time of year it has already flowered so just pick the smaller leaves towards the top of the plant.

Hedge garlic pesto recipe

1/2 cup of pine nuts/ sunflower seeds (or another nut seed of your choice!)
1 cup hedge garlic leaves
1/4 cup olive oil
Juice of half a lemon
Olive oil

Wash hedge garlic, pat dry and put into a jug/bowl, add pine nuts/seeds (you can toast/roast these before if you want to add some more flavour), lemon juice and a good helping of olive oil. Place in blender or use a stick blender to blend ingredients together. Add more olive oil if needed to get the consistency you want. Season with salt and pepper, or even chilli flakes if you fancy some spice!

Transfer into a jar and store in the fridge. Best eaten within 2 weeks. Goes great with pasta, on a sandwich or even as a dip for some roasted veg!