Plant Tour Tuesdays….Wild Garlic Hummus

As part of Chilypeppers ‘social distancing schedule’ we are taking you on a plant tour this Tuesday exploring herbs and plants you can forage and cook with! Check out our facebook and Instagram for videos, recipes and more!

Spring is the perfect time to go foraging for wild garlic. It’s so pungent in its garlicky smell it’s quite hard to mistake it, but as with any foraging make sure you know what you’re picking!

Wild garlic is native to Britain and grows to around 45-50cm tall. Wild garlic is often spotted in woodlands, and we found plenty along the river bank near the woods where we live. Make sure you only pick in areas off the track where you can so you know it’s cleaner and untouched! Only pick enough for what you need and leave plenty for nature!

We eat a LOT of hummus at home so decided to use the flowers to make wild garlic hummus…

Wild garlic
A tin of chickpeas
Olive oil
Lemon juice

Drain chickpeas, rinse and place in a bowl/blender. Add a large tablespoon of tahini. Add some wild garlic flowers (how many you add depends how garlicky you like it!). Add about half a cup of olive oil and juice of half a lemon and blend. Add more olive oil if wanted depending on what consistency you like. Season with a little salt (if you want to).

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