Mental Health Awareness Week will take place from 18-24 May 2020 on the topic of kindness.



Kindness could change someone’s whole day, their week, their lives. Kindness should be within everyone of us. We can all work together to create more kindness within our schools, working environments, and communities. Let’s shape our outlook and our society in support of positive mental health and start with a single act of kindness today!

Chilypep are in full support of the Mental Health Foundations campaign for Mental Health awareness week, so let’s get talking aboutĀ kindnessĀ and mental health throughout the week.

Find out more about the Mental Health Foundations Kindness campaign for Mental Health Awareness week and follow them on their social media platforms.

Chilypep will be sharing many true acts of kindness others have done for us throughout the week across our Chilypep social media platforms!

Here are a few true acts of kindness that others have done for some of the Chilypep team ….

How do we change the world?

Start today with one random act of kindness at a time

Share your acts of Kindness with Chilypep and use the hashtags to link to the Mental Health Foundations kindness campaign.



Facebook: @mentalhealthfoundation

Twitter: @mentalhealth

Instagram: @mentalhealthfoundation

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