Barnsley College Peer Mentors take over Chilypep’s social media!

On the 27th July the Barnsley Peer Mentor Project took over Chilypep’s social media!

This saw throwbacks to many Peer Mentors achievement’s as well as key highlights and an insight into what they’ve been up to over the 2020 Pandemic!

So what is a Chill Peer mentor and who is Pedro? 😁🐧💙

So, What is a Peer Mentor and what training do you get to become one?…😁🐧💙

The Chil Peer mentors have organised some amazing events from big celebrations of world mental health day, workshops, pride events and stalls at College/Sixth form wellbeing fairs/days. Here’s just a couple of memories from some of the events they have done in the past 😁🐧💙

On Wednesdays the Peer Mentors meet (during lock down the fun hasn’t stopped and we have continued on zoom) with other students of Barnsley College and Barnsley Sixth form, to do some fun creative wellbeing activities. We have done so much in these session from making our own wellbeing buddies, bath bombs, sleep sprays, decorated our own sleep masks, vision boards and so many other creative wellbeing activities (lots you can find the instructions for in the Chilypep mental health first aid kit).😁🐧💙

Last year, the CHIL Peer Mentors created the amazing #youaremorethan campaign. This campaign was promoted around Barnsley College and Barnsley Sixth form, to help student’s + peers emotional wellbeing around pressures they may be facing. Remind yourself just like this poster that YOU ARE MORE THAN… Your grades! 😁🐧💙

Two of our Peer Mentors Hannah and Melissa have provided some recommendations around music, film and books to share with others over the lockdown period and beyond…

The mentors have kept busy during lockdown, which included virtual wellbeing sessions and even BAKE Off Week!

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