In memory of Simran Rattu

Simran Rattu

It is with great sadness that we have to announce that our friend and colleague Simran Rattu died on 1st August 2020, following a long battle with a complex range of medical conditions, secondary to an autoimmune disease.

Simran came to work with us in as an intern in 2018 when she was studying for her BSc degree in Psychology at Sheffield Hallam University. She helped us to improve our policies and procedures around volunteering. From the very beginning she really impressed us with her sharp thinking, attention to detail and her grasp of the work we do with young people at Chilypep. She had great empathy and was a joy to work with. When she finished her 130 hours internship she asked if she could continue to volunteer for Chilypep – and we were very glad to agree. Simran maintained her contact with us even when she was working for other organisations or working on her Masters’ degree, which she started last year. We will really miss her.

One of the things Simran did while she worked with us was create a short questionnaire to ask young people what Chilypep meant to them, and she created a wordcloud from their responses – so many of the words in the wordcloud apply to Simran!

Simran’s parents have set up a crowd funding page on Justgiving in memory of Simran and will be donating the money raised to Chilypep and Sheffield Mind (where Simran started working this year).

If you would like to donate and see more about what a fantastic and inspiring person Simran was, the link is

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