In memory of Simran Rattu

Simran Rattu

It is with great sadness that we have to announce that our friend and colleague Simran Rattu died on 1st August 2020, following a long battle with a complex range of medical conditions, secondary to an autoimmune disease.

Simran came to work with us in as an intern in 2018 when she was studying for her BSc degree in Psychology at Sheffield Hallam University. She helped us to improve our policies and procedures around volunteering. From the very beginning she really impressed us with her sharp thinking, attention to detail and her grasp of the work we do with young people at Chilypep. She had great empathy and was a joy to work with. When she finished her 130 hours internship she asked if she could continue to volunteer for Chilypep – and we were very glad to agree. Simran maintained her contact with us even when she was working for other organisations or working on her Masters’ degree, which she started last year. We will really miss her.

One of the things Simran did while she worked with us was create a short questionnaire to ask young people what Chilypep meant to them, and she created a wordcloud from their responses – so many of the words in the wordcloud apply to Simran!

Simran’s parents have set up a crowd funding page on Justgiving in memory of Simran and will be donating the money raised to Chilypep and Sheffield Mind (where Simran started working this year).

If you would like to donate and see more about what a fantastic and inspiring person Simran was, the link is

STAMP take over Chilypep’s Social Media!

On the 20th July STAMP took over Chilypep’s social media platform’s, they shared some of their highlights, achievements, recommendations as well as what they’ve been up to over the 2020 Pandemic.

Chilypep’s STAMP project will be taking over our social media this week. Look out for throwbacks, tips and creativity from our wonderful young volunteers!Who are STAMP?STAMP (Support, Think, Act, Motivate, Participate) is a group of young people aged 14 – 25 who work to improve the mental health and emotional wellbeing of young people across Sheffield. We do this by campaigning for change and working closely with mental health services to get young people’s voices heard and make a positive change!

Here’s a video we made for our 2019 AGM.

We made a film about things we had done that related to what we stand for: “Support, Think, Act, Motivate, Participate


Here's a video we made for our 2019 AGM. We made a film about things we had done that related to what we stand for: "Support, Think, Act, Motivate, Participate"Here's an overview…Support: The mental health passport, check it out at Think: Delivering workshops on 'how to meaningfully involve young people' at the NHS summit to over 150 professionals. Consulting with young people at the Sheffield well-being festival. Interviewing staff at CAMHS.Act: Making a welcome film for young people who have been admitted to the Becton centre for children and young people (CAMHS inpatient hospital). Art and activism.Motivate: Planning, running and evaluating our YOUth MATTER event. #WeWill campaign.Participate: Work with services around effective transitions for young people. Training staff across children's and adult services. FUN.

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“Here’s an overview…

Support: The mental health passport, check it out at

Think: Delivering workshops on ‘how to meaningfully involve young people’ at the NHS summit to over 150 professionals. Consulting with young people at the Sheffield well-being festival. Interviewing staff at CAMHS.

Act: Making a welcome film for young people who have been admitted to the Becton centre for children and young people (CAMHS inpatient hospital). Art and activism.

Motivate: Planning, running and evaluating our YOUth MATTER event. #WeWill campaign.

Participate: Work with services around effective transitions for young people. Training staff across children’s and adult services. FUN.

During lockdown some of our STAMP members have been working hard on certain activities and challenges, here’s a few certificates to celebrate their hard work! 😁🌟🌠💚

STAMP have come up with some ideas that you could add to your morning routine, that are good for your wellbeing…

Over the past few months we have been giving STAMP a creative word challenge. They were given a word and explored what it meant to them and created something about it. Let’s throwback to these creations around the word ‘STAMP’ from Ester, Jia and Leah…

As part of STAMP’s social media takeover, we thought we’d tell you all about The Mental Health Passport 😊 It was created by us for young people! Throughout the day we will be sharing information on why it is important and how to sign up and make your own passport #STAMPtakeover#MyMHP

So what is the My Mental Health passport? Why might you find it useful?

You might be thinking how can I make my own Mental Health Passport, all you have to do is follow these steps!

How and why did STAMP come up with the idea of creating the Mental Health Passport?

We hope by creating the Mental Health Passport, young people will feel more in control of their own information and don’t have to keep repeating themselves. Please spread the word and check out the MyMHP website:

For the last few years STAMP have planned, facilitated and evaluated their own consultation event, YOUth MATTER. Young people aged 14-25 are invited to creatively share their views on topics that are important to young people. So far we have consulted on: mental health and services in Sheffield, our manifesto for mental health, tips for friends and family, social media and much more! After each event a report is written up and shared with services to influence change. See the last few years reports here…2018

If you would like to see our 2019 report please contact

Due to lockdown we had to cancel our 2020 event. But watch this space and hopefully we’ll be able to return in 2021!

STAMP have been busy gathering young people’s views and experiences around mental health to create our refreshed Manifesto for Mental Health. But, what is a manifesto? and what will it be used for? Let’s explore…

⭐️World mental health day 2019 ⭐️

Interchange put on a fabulous event! They invited other Sheffield charities to have interactive stalls and to get involved with performances. It was great seeing all the young people perform and share their stories. We also were able to talk to lots of young people to get more voices heard for our manifesto mental health 😁

Barnsley College Peer Mentors take over Chilypep’s social media!

On the 27th July the Barnsley Peer Mentor Project took over Chilypep’s social media!

This saw throwbacks to many Peer Mentors achievement’s as well as key highlights and an insight into what they’ve been up to over the 2020 Pandemic!

So what is a Chill Peer mentor and who is Pedro? 😁🐧💙

So, What is a Peer Mentor and what training do you get to become one?…😁🐧💙

The Chil Peer mentors have organised some amazing events from big celebrations of world mental health day, workshops, pride events and stalls at College/Sixth form wellbeing fairs/days. Here’s just a couple of memories from some of the events they have done in the past 😁🐧💙

On Wednesdays the Peer Mentors meet (during lock down the fun hasn’t stopped and we have continued on zoom) with other students of Barnsley College and Barnsley Sixth form, to do some fun creative wellbeing activities. We have done so much in these session from making our own wellbeing buddies, bath bombs, sleep sprays, decorated our own sleep masks, vision boards and so many other creative wellbeing activities (lots you can find the instructions for in the Chilypep mental health first aid kit).😁🐧💙

Last year, the CHIL Peer Mentors created the amazing #youaremorethan campaign. This campaign was promoted around Barnsley College and Barnsley Sixth form, to help student’s + peers emotional wellbeing around pressures they may be facing. Remind yourself just like this poster that YOU ARE MORE THAN… Your grades! 😁🐧💙

Two of our Peer Mentors Hannah and Melissa have provided some recommendations around music, film and books to share with others over the lockdown period and beyond…

The mentors have kept busy during lockdown, which included virtual wellbeing sessions and even BAKE Off Week!

BRV takes over Chilypep’s social media!

Here’s a snapshot of our highlights!

The BRV (Belonging, Resilience, Vocabulary) project works with a group of young men and boys in Sheffield and Barnsley to help them achieve a sense of belonging, resilience and improved understanding of themselves.Through group workshops, art and photography sessions, the boys and young men will explore and enrich their emotional intelligence.They will engage with themes such as personal and group identities, health and wellbeing, how to manage difficult emotions, citizenship and core values. All of this will help them navigate adolescence and help them aspire to positive futures.Through BRV, boys and young men can learn the tools and techniques to recognise, communicate and manage their emotions, and realise their capacity to become active, empowered citizens.

You may have seen BRV at a conference hall, school, college or community hub near you!

BRV Project Worker Corey is taking us on a journey to explore Yorkshire Wildlife in lockdown with Adrian…

More of Yorkshire’s Wildlife….

A sweet bee on it, possibility Lasioglossum malachurum or sharp-collared furrow bee but I’m not 100% certain. Buzzards, Buteo buteo flying high above the Dragonfly pond.Toad, Bufo bufo & Face off between Anax imperator and a Common Blue Damselfly.

BRV Project Worker Marcus takes us to the beach with this beautiful clip of the sea water running over the sand. Breathe, watch and let your worries wash out to sea.

BRV at the beach

Today BRV Project Worker Marcus is taking us to the beach with this beautiful clip of the sea water running over the sand. Breathe, watch and let your worries wash out to sea.

Posted by Chilypep. on Wednesday, August 5, 2020
BRV virtual seaside

Join Marcus at the seaside -RELAX, Be Kind to Yourself

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Corey and Alex chat about getting active, staying motivated and running marathons!


Corey and Alex chat about getting active, staying motivated and running marathons! 💪

Posted by Chilypep. on Friday, August 7, 2020

Lastly, we finish our BRV highlights with more beautiful photographs captured over the pandemic with a Male Scorpion Fly, could be either Panorpa communis or P. germanica, A Sloe bug, schnura elegans damselfly resting on grass flowers and a tortoiseshell butterfly!

Sheffield Healthy Holidays Activity Guide in The Star featuring the Chilypep/OASIS Youth Mental Health First Aid Kit


What is Sheffield Healthy Holidays?

Be active, eat well

The aim of Sheffield Healthy Holidays is to make sure that children are happy and healthy during the long summer break, with activities to get moving and recipes for lots of fun!

Bored? Confused? Nothing to do? Sheffield Healthy Holidays has something for you! Join their online club with loads of FREE activities from circus skills to Bollywood dancing, craft, science, sport and loads, loads more!

There are great prizes too, with a chance to win every time you share a picture or video of your new skills!

How can I get involved?

  • Take a look around their website and try one of the workshops.
  • Pick up a copy of The Star on a Monday (from 27 July) for 16 pages of fun activities to try at home or in the local park.
  • Take a look at the Partners list below to find your nearest Hub for a full list of local activities.
  • Follow them @SheffieldHealthyHolidays for up-to-date info.

Issue #1 of the Activity Guide to get started – Featuring one of the Chilypep/OASIS Youth Mental Health Guides!

Image preview

Issue 1:

Issue 2:




Hashtag: #SheffieldHealthyHolidays

Pride Month

By Shuheb Miah

Pride month, which is also informally referred to as Gay Christmas, says the Financial Times is a month of jubilant celebration and commemoration for members of the LGBTQ+ community and for all who support this. This is a time for individuals and groups of people to feel ‘pride’ in recognising their identities with other people and groups in collective happiness. This year unlike no other is a move from the conventional pride parades, but the solidarity of a community is being lived on in virtual platforms still awakening the inner pride in people if not doing so to a greater extent.

LGBTQ+ pride in Sheffield is using its main page to plan for pride next year in 2021 after its April announcement to cancel the pride parade this year, to prevent of putting vulnerable members of the LGBTQ+ community and communities in general advocating pride month at risk. With the switch to online meetings being held every Monday on zoom, ideas and plans of action are underway and the thrill is apparent. This includes events like bucket shaking- to gather money for charities to support LGBTQ+ people and the euphonious gathering of huskers- plans to assemble for the parade and skilled performers and also food and art stalls. This thinking ahead for future festivity just comes to show the sheer determination and drive to look forward in the excitement and uproar of pride.

By no means does this mean the festivity and celebration would not continue, only in a different fashion. Despite the plug being pulled, The Drum- an online marketing and multimedia site presents how LGBTQ+ celebrations and events have made full use of this unprecedented time to allow a ‘pride for all’ dubbed by Pink News. Particularly using zoom via their respective websites and social media; online events and pride bodies are underway with a ream of events like drag tutorials, music, art sessions, online poetry and photo essays/story reveals and impressively online pride marches as well as sessions with celebrities in a panel, to talk about people’s views during Pride in lockdown. And even the leading pride media brand #YouMeUsWe has moved events virtually like their digital hubs as places of inclusion and expression for different LGTBQ+ groups but centred in the sentience of one big community in bliss together in a shared virtual space.

The spirit of pride and more so the force of a community has always been there and will always be sustained in the hearts of many even in lockdown. It has brought out a greater sense of inner pride in us all while living through a time that may have seemed bleak and full of darkness. But despite this, there is that aperture of light that shines through as hope in the form of community, identity and the rallying of a group in a time like no other.

Furthermore, we can see this as a monumental opportunity to mark the 50th anniversary of Pride month’s golden jubilee and the 51st anniversary of the 1969 stonewall riots- depicted in Ibram X. Kendi’s mesmerising book on How to be an Anti-racist- which was against the barbaric actions and racism of the police in that time and the rising up of the black community. A year later in 1970 New York, came the inaugural pride event led by a march across the city. This was said to be the spark that set in motion the formation of gay rights. These two grassroots events according to the BBC- laid the foundation to two legendary and celebrated  communities to this day and the heroes that have lived with us for the last 50 years both in the spirit of pride across two communities and in the fight for equality.

In solidarity with the Black lives matter movement and the rebound to police racism and brutality today, like the Insider’s focus on the heart-breaking deaths of two trans black women in America, the pride lives matter movement stand in solemn cohesion. More than anything in this time of lockdown, human rights have never been clearer. On one hand, it’s important to see pride month as a time of joy and togetherness, but also looking back at the historical roots, laid bare by a journey of adversity, discrimination and difficulty but also defiance led by resistance and a fight for social justice for the black community rights alongside LGBTQ+ rights. The contrast and grounding should act as reminder and message to us all for years to come.

Happy Pride Month!

June 2020

In celebration of PRIDE 2020 it’s important to recognise that everyone has the right to self-define their own gender and sexuality #LookBeyondTheLabel Some of the young people we work with have some brilliant recommendations for us to share with you all throughout this month.

Happy Pride month! To celebrate Pride we are going to share some LGBTQ+ recommendations!

Week 8

15th – 21st June 2020!

Like, share, comment, get involved throughout Week 8!

Some of this weeks highlights include the Peak District, exploring the many uses of lavender and recommendations on books and other useful resources related to LGBTQ+ in support of PRIDE month!